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Top 5 Things To Know About Italian Greyhounds

Updated: May 2, 2020

Life with an IG (and I don't mean Instagram)

Italian Greyhounds

Bella and Enzo, aka, "Benzo"
Bella and Enzo, aka, "Benzo"

These purebred dogs are elegant, graceful, regal, fast, and extremely affectionate, amongst other things. Life with an "Iggy" is so much fun, but although the breed is becoming more popular, many still don't know much about the them. Every time we are out walking our IGs, Enzo and Bella, people either ask, “What type of dog is that?” or “Is that a Whippet?”. It then gives me an opportunity to educate them about the breed, so I thought I would post some fun facts about them here.

Walking and people watching on Lincoln Road

Pullen Park Stroll
Pullen Park Stroll

Here are my Top 5 Things to Know About Italian Greyhounds

1. History

Italian greyhounds originated over 2000 yrs ago from the regions of Turkey and Greece, which makes them a warm weather dog (They are not fond of the cold weather or potty training in it, so dress them accordingly if you are in a cold climate, ie sweaters, heater, blankets.). The breed (in name) came from the Italians who favored them in the 16th century, especially among royalty and aristocrats. You can see them in paintings of various Renaissance masters. The coolest historical fact for me is that it is the ONLY dog breed mentioned in the Bible!

Italian Greyhound Christmas outfits
Christmas with @TheWooffords

2. Size and Speed

Did you know that Italian Greyhounds are just miniature greyhounds?

There are actually 3 different greyhound sizes. The largest is the greyhound, popularly known as the racing greyhound. These magnificent creatures are the fastest canine breed and can run 45 miles per hour! The Whippet (a descendant of the greyhound) is a medium sized, and the Italian Greyhound is the smallest, clocking in at speeds of 25 mph.

It’s so fun to watch them run free in the yard or at the beach chasing birds. They are sight hounds so they do love to chase small game. If you ever decide to own one, you need to make sure you have a fenced in yard and always walk them on a leash.

3. Needy and Affectionate

Iggys are very affectionate and can be quite demanding for attention. They are often called "velcro" dogs because they want to constantly be by your side. Because of this, it is ideal if you work from home, drop in often, or have another pet they can have as a companion.

They do get along with other dogs, cats, and kids. Be careful around larger dogs or boisterous kids that play rough, and make sure your Iggy is not jumping off high surfaces like a bed or couch due to their long, thin legs that can be injured.

One great thing about this breed is that they typically don’t bark unnecessarily, which makes them great alarm dogs.

This video shows how much of a Daddy's girl Bella is. Too much cuteness!

4. Health and Well-being

Iggys are an overall healthy breed but something you’ll want to consider is brushing their teeth often to avoid tartar buildup and gum disease. The more socialization early on, the better, so he/she will be a good playmate with everyone.

5. Potty Training and Care

Iggys have a reputation for being hard to housebreak, however, success is possible. The key is to be clear with what you expect (pee pad or grass) and only reward pup when he/she does exactly as expected.

Grooming is a breeze. You can bathe them once a month and just wipe them down in between. They do shed, but minimally. Their hair is short and coarse, so you won’t see any floating around in the air.

In this adorable video, Enzo found a stick on our walk and decided to bring it home. Smart little nugget!

Are you considering adding an IG to your family? You won't regret it! Most IG owners have more than one because they're like potato chips, you can't just have one! Here is a funny video for laughs!

To see our IGs on IG (Italian greyhounds on Instagram), follow us @TheWooffords and leave your questions and comments below! Do you have an Iggy? What are the things you love most about your babies?

Top 5 Things To Know About Italian Greyhounds

Are you considering one for your family? If so, read this first. For breeder information, contact me.

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